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"In the fine print, OnePlus actually gives a warning against any repair attempts, saying, "The battery has been especially encrypted for safety purposes. Please go to an official OnePlus service center to repair your battery or get a genuine replacement battery." I've never heard of a battery being "encrypted" before, but I think they mean there is a serial number check in the firmware somewhere and that it will presumably refuse to work if you replace it. As for the possibility of an "official OnePlus service center" actually existing, there is a business finder on the OnePlus India website, but not one in the US, so it's looking like mail-in service only."

Middle finger up for you, oneplus. Middle fingers up for you. 


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This is such a misuse of the spirit of what reddit is for, even if it is not against the rules.  https://youtu.be/55Tr-AjTVbg 

Samsung's deceptive misuse of reddit is NOT proper advertising!

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The closest I have ever felt in my life to Michael Douglas's character in the movie falling down is dealing with State farm insurance. 

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what the fk  https://youtu.be/g4L-N4BMPOA 

The most disturbing clips from Stephen McCullagh's fake livestream

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Orhan forgot his key inside the house when he went to the gym. Everyone else inside the house was sleeping. He looked through the door, and only one person wasn't sleeping... but will he open the door? 

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Paul Daniels returned Mikro to his proper place as his channel logo.  https://www.youtube.com/@pldaniels  I can now retire Mikro from my channel logo.

Having my repair company's logo as the channel logo is a bit silly, since this channel has evolved so much from the initial 2012 intention to discuss just my company... honestly, one could argue even in 2014 it was far from a "rossmann repair group" channel, so it's going to be rebranded to just my name and photo. 

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What I can say after traveling the country over the past year and a half; I could give a rat's ass about NYC, but I genuinely miss New Hampshire. 

From the random eccentric guy in the beginning, to that random beautiful oasis that opens up around 8 minutes in.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBkWJ...  There's not a lot of people there, but they are nice - *REAL* nice, not that fake cali nice nonsense. The scenery is genuinely gorgeous. They open up immediately. 

The youtube video compression and shitty 360 camera doesn't do it justice, it looks like a cutscene from a videogame. It's genuinely peaceful and beautiful. 

The problem is, you have to already be rich - there is no economy in a town of 300-3k people. Also a tough sell for young people, no way I could ever open a store there, which weighed heavily on the decision to not choose NH as a state for the company. 

but I watch that video, from time to time, to give me the kick in the ass to retire there as soon as possible. I suggest everyone at some point in their life drive around spofford, chesterfield, walpole, and take in the beauty everywhere - in the residents, the people passing through, and the scenery. It's something special. 

A beautiful lake, a wild Republican enters the chat, and a rural area - Keene, NH part 2/4

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The store manager is coming up on his 10 year anniversary with the company in a month, and all he has to show for it is getting shot in the dick. :( 


Settling work disputes the old fashioned way. Steve vs. Louis

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I like Brave browser. It'd be cool to figure out how to get Brendan Eich onto the channel for an interview. 

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Sometimes, Steve is still in the office until 1 AM, or remoting in way after hours to check on something. As I've shifted into management, other jobs, lobbying/advocacy etc, I forget what it's like to read stuff like this... or have someone who is having a nervous breakdown give you a hug, when you recover their stuff after everyone else says it's impossible. I get the kick of dopamine he feels when he gets something to show up at 1 AM now. I'm blessed to have the best team in the industry. 

These are always the best. Not the successes, but the successes when someone comes in and says everyone else told me it wasn't possible, where you can practically sense the anxiety & fear you'll be taking away from them when you finish the job. It makes the aggravation and the struggle worth it. 

The past 3 years have been a lot of shit & disappointment. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next 5-10 years have in store. A U-turn, a do-over... here's to another decade of making people happy.