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Ice storm in Texas, so the kids and I updated the minecraft server. Added Anarchy world for those that like chaos and no claims, Normal world is typical survival with claim support, and a Legacy world from an old verison running in adventure mode. 
Simply type: minecraft.christitus.com in your server from Minecraft and you will join. 
check out the stats via the website @ minecraft.christitus.com (stats in top right of page) 

10 days ago • Chris Titus Tech

Clonezilla works great when upgrading the hard drive on a steam deck. The steps:
1. Buy USB to nvme enclosure, Steam dock, and new 2230 NVME 1 TB (~$140).
2. Put clonezilla on USB
3. Boot up Steamdeck with all it plugged in holding minus when booting
4. Select clonezilla USB
5. Beginner mode -> Device to Device and then wait. 256 GB full drive will take about an hour. 

2 weeks ago • Chris Titus Tech

I love Netlify.
Noticed my bandwidth increasing and the support email was extremely detailed. Gave overviews of all my bandwidth and they even broke down all my top assets by usage, so I could see what was using the bandwidth. 
They gave me a support page to help reduce any excess assets (there isn't much) and then told me Congratulations LOL. Probably the best support I've had in the past couple years.
By far the best company I've dealt with when it comes to web hosting in my life. 

3 weeks ago • Chris Titus Tech

Checking my daily general "tech" feed. Gizmodo should maybe start writing about technology, they might get more views... just my 2 cents.  These are the headlines for January 13th, 2022 they published. 

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Which OS do you spend most your time in? 




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1 month ago • Chris Titus Tech

2023 Goals:
- 1000+ GitHub commits
- 30 Minutes daily coding average - 200+ hours coded 

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My car just rickrolled me... 

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Which upcoming video are you looking forward to? 

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

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Need to finish this project before Christmas... but I've run out of energy. 

1 month ago • Chris Titus Tech

Do You Own a Razor Device?
Did you know that that the base synapse software installs 3 services and 15 processes.
I've decided to make my next GitHub Project a Razor Blocker... Block the company through both registry entries and change all the install directories to read-only from a system level. 



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