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Starting the new year by having a chat with DarkXero (the maintainer of Xero Linux).  Check it out the video and be sure to subscribe to his channel!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DP5dm... 

#XeroTalk with @DistroTube - Monetizing F.O.S.S projects

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More and more creators are entering the Linux rap competition,
But this guy's bad rhymes cannot not soon be forgiven.



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I challenged the community to a rap battle,
But all I got in response was this childish prattle.
I'm like Biggie or Tupac, a legend in this game,
These guys are Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer--just lame!

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kv8QF...  -- Brodie Robertson

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAtgK...  -- BugsWriter

At least Brodie and Bugs stepped up and answered the call,
We need others to join us in this Linux rap brawl! 

Distrotube Went Too Far This Time!! - Linux Rap Battle

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I'll be joining Josh over at the KeepItTechie channel in about 3 hours.  Hope you guys check it out and help support Josh. 

E92: Tech Talk w/ @DistroTube - Linux Enthusiast - Open Source Advocate


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Want to know how to disrupt a Linux enthusiast's love life?  Just mention 'systemd'...or 'snaps' ... or 'ubuntu'... or 'appimage' ... or <insert and tell us below in the comments>.  :D 

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BREAKING NEWS!  The LBRY company lost their case against the SEC.  Now, this doesn't mean the end of LBRY, or Odysee (which is a separate company).  But it does have some major implications regarding the regulation of crypto currencies.  It also means that Ripple, which is also being sued by the SEC, is probably not going to win their case.

Read the full judgement on Odysee:  https://odysee.com/@lbry:3f/secvslbrysummaryjudgementruling:a 

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Hey, guys.  I recently did a collaborative video with DarkXero.  We talk about Linux and other tech-related topics.  The video can be seen over on his channel: 

Be sure to subscribe to the XeroLinux channel if you are not already subbed.  Peace, guys! 

Meetup with the one and only Derek from #DistroTube

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